Gobiyond: The Team

This story would not be complete without a little bit of background to the team.

The Car

Several times I contemplated how I would modify the car for the rally. Common adjustments include sump guards, improved suspension, van tyres, and snorkels. In the end we did none of these, being a) far too preoccupied with work, and b) relishing the challenge of taking an unmodified Ford Fiesta over this terrain. The only adjustments we did were the inclusion of a roof rack, rally lights, and stickers. I was tempted to replace the car battery, just as it was reaching 15 years old and might not have coped with the extra load of charging all our devices and running the rally lights, but instead didn't bother as again that was too much effort.

The kitted out Fiesta.

As background, I had owned this little car for 10 years. It had been my first and only car.