Gobiyond: The Rally Statistics

Due to the epic nature of our advenutre it felt only necessary to condense it down into to some easily understood statistics. Here I've collated a few random and interesting facts about our time away.

We were away for 91 days.

Or exactly 13 weeks.

We crossed 9 different time zones.

Including an unusual plus 3.5 hours in Iran.

We covered 20,933 miles.

Or 33,688 km for you metric folk.

We visited 24 different countries.

25 if you include England.

We used 17 different currencies.

Now we know our Lira from our Lari, and our Som from our Somoni.

We slept in a variety of different accomodations.

A breakdown of where we slept for the night.

We achieved a highest altitude of 4,655 metres.

The Pamir Highway, the second highest international road in the world.

And a lowest altitude of minus 212 metres.

And in this case it was definitely below sea level, a road tunnel under the water to Nordkapp.

We had to visit mechanics on three different occasions.

1) New rear shocks and springs. 2) Bodged suspension bush. 3) New rear axle and bushes.

We completed the whole journey without getting a single puncture.

Despite carrying three spare wheels, several cans of tyre sealant, and a repair kit.